We take YOUR focused priorities,
collect the data to provide results
so you can promote desired behavior.

Collect and Analyze Data
  • You select production priorities
  • You set the importance of conflicting priority (Speed vs Waste)
  • We automatically collect or allow you to provide the data to measure
  • We use our proprietary tools to analyze your data
  • We collect comparison data from across the industry
Provide Organized Feedback
  • We produce results in FloorScoreboard©
  • We compare your results to others in the industry
  • We provide comparison to others (Their data, but your priorities)
  • We report how each score compares to others
Get Results
  • Your team will be measured based on your priorities
  • You can track performance over time
  • You can make decisions with real data
  • You can adjust priorities at any time
  • You get the results you want

How does your team stack up?