It's your data.

We give you the scorecard to make it actionable.

With MyFloorScore, you have full visibility into production and results are calculated in an easy to interpret scorecard.

  1. Connect MyFloorScore to your shop floor production equipment
  2. Automatically capture and report data every 30 seconds
  3. Set the criteria to calculate the score and adjust criteria as needed
  4. Receive an easy to interpret scorecard to rank production, efficiency, downtime as well as plant and industry comparisons.

Are you ready for the future?  

Accurate Real-Time Production Data

Machine Status (Running, Down, Issues)

Gross counts

Net counts

Run speed

Industry Comparison Analysis

Company Score – Company overall

Plant Score – Each plant or division

Machine Score – Each machine

Shift Score – Each defined shift

Employee Score – Each employee

Automatic Score Calculation

Operation Score

Waste Score

Downtime Score

Product Score=

Material Score

Order Score

Job Score

Sub Job Score

Reporting How You Need It, When You Need It






How does your team stack up?




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